Youthful Mango Body Butter

by | Apr 08, 2016


Ingredients: Mango Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Tangerine Oil, Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Mango Butter- Rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A and E, mango butter softens and moisturizes rough, dry skin. Natural properties in mango butter also aide in treating the appearance of wrinkles.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil- An excellent skin softener, extra virgin coconut oil aides in healing dry, hard skin. Also known for its anti-aging properties, this oil will moisturize without clogging your pores.

Organic Shea Butter- This super moisturizing butter contains Vitamins A and E, phytosterols, and phytonutrients that help to give it its reputation as a “healing” butter, aiding and preventing many skin conditions, including the appearance of wrinkles.

Essential Oil Blend- these oils help to maintain oil and moisture balance, clean and calm skin, as well as nourishes dull skin.